Are your clients missing out on Australia’s next big success story?

Joel Fleming. portfolio manager UBS Asset Management

In this Market Update series from UBS Asset Management, portfolio manager, Joel Fleming, introduces you to the microcap investment universe to debunk some misconceptions around the asset class, and to share how UBS evaluates opportunities in this space. Joel also explores the benefits microcaps can offer investors, and why he believes an investment in microcaps is an investment in innovation.

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What you'll learn /

The UBS Asset Management Market Update course with Joel Fleming will give you insights into:


The microcap landscape
How microcaps can create diversification
Investing in innovation
How UBS approaches microcap investments

About the expert /

Joel Fleming /

portfolio manager UBS Asset Management

Joel Fleming is a portfolio manager in the Australian Small Companies team and shares responsibility for analysis of Australian emerging companies. He is the dedicated portfolio manager of the UBS Microcap Fund. Joel joined UBS Asset Management in October 2011, following the acquisition of ING Investment Management (ING IM).

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Outline of the course /

Why microcaps could change the face of Australia

With established industries facing real challenge, and tech, health and infrastructure spending changing the face of Australian industry, it could be in the microcap space that we see the next huge success stories. In this video, we learn from Joel why it’s the microcap sector that could change the face of Australia and in the process, deliver huge opportunity to create real value for investors.

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Understanding the megatrends creating microcap success

Australia is in the midst of a series of megatrends that are creating real opportunity for the next generation of small business. An ageing population, the hunt for renewable energy and the push to driverless cars are all huge, disruptive structural changes from which select microcaps are seeing real success. In this video we learn from Joel what macro shifts are creating those changes, and where the investment success stories can be found for your clients.

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How UBS approaches microcaps

Microcaps have different drivers to large and small cap companies so are able to offer investors portfolio diversification. As Joel explains, the ideal microcap stock is one which is immune to economic conditions (positive or negative), as it responds to an entirely different set of drivers. This video delves into UBS’s approach to microcap stocks to uncover how the group approaches this asset class.

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Assessing microcap stocks

Joel and his team look for businesses which are financially stable and are positively exposed to structural change so have the potential to experience really rapid growth. This video explains how the team looks for and assesses sustainability and long-term potential in the stocks it selects.

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