Thinking Beyond Australia in 2018

Bryce Doherty. managing director UBS Asset Management

Investors have benefited from strong returns in Australian equities for years, but can they still justify heavy domestic investment with a population of just 24 million? Bryce Doherty of UBS Asset Management examines changes across the globe, the rising economic strength of China and the evolution of the Australian advice industry, to analyse where future opportunities lie.

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What you'll learn /

The UBS Asset Management 2018 Outlook Market Update course with Bryce Doherty will give you insights into:

Why investing internationally can provide an edge to clients’ portfolios
How UBS Asset Management sees investment trends developing over the course of 2018
The unseen opportunities of China, and how to access these
The role of technology in opening up investment opportunities

About the expert /

Bryce Doherty /

managing director UBS Asset Management

Bryce Doherty has been the managing director of UBS Asset Management, Australia and New Zealand since 2013. In this role he is responsible for the management and strategic development of the institutional wholesale business. Prior to this, Bryce was head of wholesale for Australia and New Zealand at UBS Asset Management for two years. He has over 20 years’ experience in the investment industry and has held various roles including, Treasury analyst, investment writer, communications manager and business development manager.

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Outline of the course /

Where is the Smart Money Going in 2018

For almost 30 years, Australia has benefited from strong economic growth and asset price increases. However, UBS Asset Management now sees emerging markets, and China in particular, as holding great investment potential for the future. Managing director Bryce Doherty, discusses where he sees the ‘smart money’ going in 2018, and the role of China’s emerging middle class in spurring this on.

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China: What’s Really Going On?

Since the ‘80s, 700 million Chinese people have moved from rural areas into the cities, bringing with them a growing middle class and demand for goods, services and technology. This has resulted in stellar growth, and as China looks to improve the quality of its economic growth, as opposed to seeking out growth-at-all-costs, UBS Asset Management shares why this is set to be a huge opportunity for investors.

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2018: Everything Changes, Everything Stays the Same

In 2017, we saw Europe return to economic strength, more noise around ‘bubbles’, and advisers looking outside their own practices to create efficiencies for their own benefit and for their clients. In 2018, UBS Asset Management anticipates client demand for advice will continue to grow and advisers will need to reframe their thinking in light of even longer-term client investment horizons.

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