Key considerations for investing internationally

Clay Smolinski. portfolio manager Platinum Asset Management

In this market update series from Platinum Asset Management, portfolio manager, Clay Smolinski shares his views on why the US market may no longer be the place to be moving forward for investors seeking international exposure and what he sees as the golden rules to portfolio construction. Clay also discusses behavioural finance and the link between psychological behaviour and stock prices.

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The Platinum Asset Management Market Update with Clay Smolinski will give you insights into:


Why now is the time to look beyond the US market
The link between psychological behaviour and stock prices
The key considerations of portfolio construction
How Platinum manages concentration risk

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Clay Smolinski /

portfolio manager Platinum Asset Management

Clay joined Platinum in January 2006 having worked as an accountant for Grant Thornton. Clay joined as an analyst with responsibility for the services sector and worked under the supervision of Toby Harrop, the European fund manager. Following the departure of Toby in May 2009, Clay assumed responsibility as the portfolio manager of the Platinum European Fund. Clay is also the sector leader for financials and services. In June 2014, Clay became portfolio manager of the Platinum Unhedged Fund and remained co-manager of the Platinum European Fund until February 2017 when he became co-manager of the Platinum International Fund (10%).

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International equities

Over the past few years, the US market has been seen as the ‘place to be’ when it comes to international equities, but as Clay Smolinski, portfolio manager at Platinum Asset Management explains, there are plenty of opportunities to be had in other markets, if you’re able to look beyond the media hype.

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Portfolio construction

Successful portfolio construction is founded on the concept of concentration risk, says Clay Smolinski, portfolio manager for Platinum Asset Management. Clay makes a case for why you need to be ever vigilant of concentration risk and what the Platinum team does to manage this risk within its portfolios.

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Behavioural finance

Financial markets have a shorter memory than you may expect, says Clay Smolinski, portfolio manager for Platinum Asset Management. In this market update, Clay discusses how stock prices are driven by psychological behaviour and what you can do to help your clients get the edge in investing.

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