MFS: Global Equity Trust

Victoria Higley. Institutional Portfolio Manager MFS

The MFS Global Equity Trust uses a unique management style with the aim to outperform the MSCI World Index and present growth at reasonable prices. The trust's truly long-term investment horizon and the investment analysts it has positioned globally result in a unique strategy which attracts long-term investors seeking lower volatility over a market cycle.

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What you'll learn /

The MFS Global Equity Trust Money Masters course with Roger Morley and Victoria Higley will give you insights into:

The benefits of a truly long-term investment horizon
How MFS uses co-portfolio managers to make better investment decisions
How a sector agnostic philosophy can help find value globally
The way MFS uses in-depth research to minimize volatility

About the expert /

Victoria Higley /

Institutional Portfolio Manager MFS

Victoria Higley, ASIP, is an Institutional equity Portfolio Manager at MFS Investment Management (MFS). As an Institutional Portfolio Manager, she participates in the research process and strategy discussions, assesses portfolio risk, customizes portfolios to client objectives and guidelines, and manages daily cash flows. She is also responsible for communicating investment policy, strategy, and positioning. Victoria joined MFS in 2011. She began her career in the financial services industry in 1994. Victoria holds a bachelor's degree from Durham University. 

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Outline of the course /


Fund Philosophy

Long-term investing, in-depth research and selecting quality companies lie at the heart of the MFS Global Equity Trust. The trust draws from the almost 100-year history of MFS and their experience from managing assets of over 600 billion Australian dollars.

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Competitive Advantage

Not only does MFS stand out from the crowd by virtue of the quality of its research platform, but also how it manages people. With feet on the ground globally, the analyst teams work together to provide a full, long-term picture of what could go right and what could go wrong with any stock.

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The Team

Instead of having just one portfolio manager, the MFS Global Equity Trust has two co-managers who are required to make a joint decision over any investment. Low staff turnover has resulted in investment teams with long industry experience who work together from across the globe.

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Key Considerations for Investors

The MFS Global Equity Trust has a truly long-term investment horizon and is best suited for investors who also believe in investing for the long run and may be seeking less volatility over the duration. The trust uses experience and research to minimise downside risk so that they win in the long-term by not losing.

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Unique Aspects of the Fund

The MFS Global Equity Trust is sector agnostic and invests in stocks instead of markets. It remains fully invested while looking for companies which present high returns and compounding earnings.

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Buy and Sell Discipline

The team runs two portfolios in parallel, one diversified and one more concentrated. Their careful buy discipline results in a style of growth at a reasonable price, while the sell discipline removes stocks that become too expensive or haven’t worked out. The trusts are available on most major Australian platforms.

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