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Jon Howie. head of iShares Australia BlackRock

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are playing an increasingly pivotal role in the investment landscape. The Australian ETF market has nearly quadrupled over the past four years to $29.3 billion,¹ and 43 per cent of advisers currently use ETFs.² As a result of this, there exists a huge opportunity to offer your clients a product which is low-cost, transparent, and can diversify their portfolios, while at the same time improving your own business practice and efficiency.

1 Source: ASX, as at 30 June 2017

2 Source: Investment Trends, September 2016 Exchange Traded Funds Report.

What you'll learn /

The iShares ETF Video Series Money Masters course with Jon Howie will give you insights into:

How to build low-cost, diversified portfolios
How ETFs can be used to build scale and efficiency in your business
How to choose the right ETF
The benefits of Smart Beta ETFs
The importance of hedge accounting when assessing international fixed income

About the expert /

Jon Howie /

head of iShares Australia BlackRock

Jonathan is a director and head of ETF product and strategy in Australia. He is responsible for the management and development of the iShares exchange traded fund (ETF) business in Australia.

His responsibilities include supporting iShares distribution efforts in the intermediary and institutional segments, ensuring the efficiency of the ETF capital markets environment and development and execution of product strategy.

Jonathan joined BlackRock in June 2011. Prior to joining BlackRock he worked at Macquarie Bank, in the equities structured products business, and more recently on the Delta 1 trading desk in Hong Kong. Jonathan has also worked at Capital Management Exchange (CMX) where he was responsible for developing the infrastructure to support the platform as well as working with market participants.

Jonathan holds an MBA from Macquarie University and a Masters of Applied Finance from Macquarie University.

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Outline of the course /


How to Build a Low-Cost, Diversified Portfolio

Investors and advisers are increasingly turning to ETFs to put at the core of their portfolios as a cost efficient and transparent means of accessing key exposures. Whether you want to build a new portfolio from scratch, complement an existing one, or rebuild a portfolio to improve its cost efficiency or diversification, iShares Core has been designed to help you address the needs of your long-term investors for whom cost is an important part of their investment decision.

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How to Choose the Right ETF

In the crowded and competitive market of ETFs, how do you identify which ETFs are head and shoulders above the rest? As you narrow down the field, you need to be confident the choice you’re making can deliver the right outcomes for your clients. Our five-step due diligence process makes it simple and easy to evaluate the merits of different ETFs and decide which ones should make the cut.

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Smart Beta: Seek Outperformance

With low growth market conditions setting in, delivering strong portfolio performance without a high cost burden can be a challenge. That's where smart beta multifactor strategies can help. Smart beta multifactor strategies help target key drivers of return while owning a portfolio with a similar profile and risk to the broad stock market.

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Smart Beta: Manage Risk

Establishing an appropriate asset allocation and staying invested in the markets are important determinants of successful investing. But volatility can unnerve investors, causing them to abandon their plans and jeopardize their long-term goals. Smart beta minimum volatility strategies seek to deliver market-like returns with less risk, giving investors the confidence to stay invested while seeking to weather the market’s ups and downs.

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How to Access International Fixed Income

Exposure to international fixed income is key to building a truly diversified portfolio; however, this can be difficult for investors to access on their own. ETFs provide a portal for investors to tap into the global fixed income market via a low-cost exchange-traded fund vehicle which can be bought and sold as they would do for any other shares

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The Importance of Hedge Accounting and International Fixed Income

Consistency of income is key for investors when investing in fixed income products. When investing in international fixed income securities, hedging out currency exposure can make distribution outcomes more unpredictable. Hedge accounting is a protocol that helps investors receive more consistent income distributions from funds that hedge currency exposure. iShares is the only ETF provider on the ASX which offers Hedge Accounting on international fixed income funds.

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