How Insurance helped Phil turn injury into opportunity

Pina Sciarrone. Chief Retail Insurance Officer AIA Australia

An accident can have devastating consequences for clients, both physically and emotionally. In this AIA Australia claimant story, we meet Phil who after suffering from a knee injury that resulted in twelve operations left him unable to work. In this client case study learn how Phil's AIA income protection insurance helped to relieve the financial stress he was facing while he recovered, and also allowed him to reinvent himself and have a new lease on life.

What you'll learn /

The AIA ‘Phil’s story’ Insurance Masters course with Pina Sciarrone will give you insights into:

How injury can disrupt your ability to work and finances
The benefit of Income Protection Insurance
The non-financial benefits of insurance
How to discuss insurance needs with your clients

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Pina Sciarrone /

Chief Retail Insurance Officer AIA Australia

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Outline of the course /


How injury can disrupt your ability to work and finances

When Phil had a devastating knee injury there was no way he would be able to resume his job as a traffic manager. Thanks to having income protection, insurance took care of his financial worries and allowed Phil to not only go to rehab, but join a wheelchair basketball team as he recovered to give him purpose.

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How Phil turned injury into opportunity

By alleviating financial stress, insurance allows claimants to focus on themselves and even in Phil’s case have a new lease on life. Phil was not only able to focus on rehab and getting better but it allowed him to enroll in Tafe to follow that path he always wanted to work as - a mortgage broker.

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How advisers can assist

Financial planners are there to help people with their wealth and growing their wealth. Pina shares how Insurance ensures that if something was to happen, income continues, and wealth continues. Pina also discusses what advisers should look out for when discussing how appropriate insurance is for your clients.

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