The FPA’s case for degree equivalency

Dante De Gori. chief executive Financial Planning Association

In his most recent quarterly update, FPA chief executive Dante De Gori discusses the association’s proposal for degree equivalency and why he believes it’s important that both prior learning and experience are recognised as part of this. This quarterly update series also provides an update on the regulatory changes impacting the industry, as well as ASIC’s current priorities and the upcoming Financial Planning Week.

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This quarter, Dante De Gori, chief executive of the FPA, discusses:


The current regulatory environment
What you need to know about ASIC’s surveillance activities
The FPA on policy updates and the changing nature of retirement
The FPA’s 100-Point Plan

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Dante De Gori /

chief executive Financial Planning Association

Dante De Gori is the Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Planning Association (FPA). A proud CFP® professional, Dante is passionate about advancing the financial planning profession, supporting FPA members through change and building widespread consumer trust.

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Policy and regulatory update

The policy and regulatory landscape seems to be never ending for the financial services sector, with new legislation continuing to be introduced throughout 2017. FPA chief executive Dante De Gori, provides an update on the legislative environment at present, the policy changes and key dates you need to be aware of, and the incoming changes you can expect.

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Keeping up with the regulator

The onboarding of new staff members and best interest duty are currently key areas of interest for the corporate regulator which is conducting a number of surveillance and monitoring activities surrounding these practices. As Dante explains, advisers need to be aware of their obligations in order to ensure compliance as the responsibility for this ultimately rests with the individual.

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The FPA on policy updates and the changing nature of retirement

The biggest piece of reform currently impacting planners is the Professional Standards and Education framework, passed in February. As of July 2017, the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority will begin to implement the new framework which all advisers, existing and incoming, will need to abide by. Dante discusses the next steps and key dates advisers need to be aware of.

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The FPA's 100-point plan

Under the new educational framework, the FPA has proposed a 100-point plan to help advisers achieve degree equivalency. In this video, Dante discusses this proposal, why the FPA is advocating for transitional times and the benefits of degree equivalency being recognised within the industry.

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The importance of retirement planning

A growing population and an ageing population provides great opportunity for financial planning to engage with the public to ensure all Australians retire well and better than they otherwise would have without advice. Dante discusses some of the current challenges associated with retirement planning, and how advisers can provide solutions to these issues.

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The need for tough conversations ahead of retirement

Retirement can bring with it a number of challenges including the possibility of longevity risk, declining health, and deciding what to do with regards to the family home. This can call for advisers to engage their clients in what can sometimes be tough conversations in order to address these potential issues. Dante shares some key considerations for advisers about to embark on these conversations.

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Money & Life update

Following on from the launch of the FPA’s consumer portal Money & Life, Dante discusses how it’s been received by both advisers and consumers, and the long-term objectives for the site. This video also provides an update on Financial Planning Week 2017 and how you can get involved.

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