CommBank: Deposit Plus

Steve James. head of adviser distribution Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The CommBank Deposit Plus Money Masters course with Steve James will explore how this deposit series works to allow advisers to find tune their clients’ interest rate exposure based on the group’s view of interest rates over the medium to long term. It will also delve into the rules and requirements of the series as well as the range of options it affords investors.

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What you'll learn /

The CommBank Deposit Plus masterclass with Steve James will give you insights into:


How deposit products meet market and client demands
How the CommBank Deposit Plus products manage market risk
The rules and requirements of the CommBank Deposit Plus series
The key features and range of the CommBank Deposit Plus series

About the expert /

Steve James /

head of adviser distribution Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Steve has worked in the financial services industry for over 25 years. His experience spans foreign exchange trading, financial planning and online stockbroking, and he played a key role in developing online broking services for the independent financial adviser market. He now works closely with advisers to help manage their clients’ interest rate exposures by creating innovative fixed interest solutions.

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Outline of the course /


About the product

Unlike regular term deposits, the CommBank Deposit Plus series allows advisers to choose both a fixed and floating rate of interest over the period of the deposit to better manage the client’s interest rate exposure.

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The future

The CommBank’s innovation in term deposit products will ensure the CommBank Deposit Plus drives demand from advisers and their clients.

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Structure and objectives

Aims and objectives

The CommBank Deposit Plus allows advisers to better manage client’s interest rate exposure and manage their practice more efficiently.

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Product requirements

There are a number of rules and requirements associated with the CommBank Deposit Plus regarding minimum parcel size, investor type and the holding period.

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Unique features

Historically, floating rate deposits are usually only offered to wholesale or institutional investors, the CommBank Deposit Plus has a new approach.

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Best suited for

The ideal client

The CommBank Deposit Plus is typically suited to clients that have larger SMSF balances and longer term interest rate horizons.

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What clients want

The CommBank Deposit Plus is designed to meet the growing needs of advisers and clients looking for something more from standard term deposits.

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