Advice in a post-Royal Commission world

Dante De Gori. chief executive Financial Planning Association

In this quarterly update, Financial Planning Association chief executive Dante De Gori discusses how the advice industry is being reshaped by reforms, the Royal Commission and the court of popular opinion. While advisers will face multiple challenges over the next few years, De Gori has some practical advice about how to move the industry forward.

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This quarter, Dante De Gori, chief executive of the FPA, discusses:

How to restore trust following the Royal Commission
The impacts of the Financial Advisers Standards and Ethics Authority
How the roles of licensees and associations will change due to reforms

About the expert /

Dante De Gori /

chief executive Financial Planning Association

Dante De Gori is the Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Planning Association (FPA). A proud CFP® professional, Dante is passionate about advancing the financial planning profession, supporting FPA members through change and building widespread consumer trust.

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Outline of the course /

The Royal Commission: three ways forward

The Royal Commission has exposed systemic misconduct in financial services and the advice industry has been front-and-centre during the inquiry. While this arguably led to much of the sector being tarred with the same brush, Dante De Gori sees three clear ways advisers can go about restoring trust and educating the Australian public about the value of the profession.

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How many advisers will FASEA drive out of the industry?

It’s no secret the proposed education requirements from Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) has caused headaches for some advice businesses. In this video, Dante De Gori discusses how this will affect the industry and why up to 40% of advisers may depart, according to a recent FPA survey.

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How reforms are reshaping associations and licensees

What is the role of an association in a post-Royal Commission world? How will its duties regarding oversight and enforcement change? In this video, Dante De Gori considers how the FPA will take a more active role in defining best practice and working with licensees.

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